Sessions Include:

- Role Playing 

- Financial Domination





-Electrical Play

-Slave Training

-Couples Training

-Boot/Stocking Fetish 

-Erotic Torture



-Corporal Punishment

-Sensual Domming

-Chasity/Key Holder 


-Tease and Denial


-Ball Busting 

-Domestic Servitude


-Goddess Worship

-Sensory Deprivation

-Psychological Play



-Sissy Shopping 

-Facetime video sessions on WhatsApp for personal locations 

-Forced Bi


-Eligible for social gatherings, to teach, explore, demonstrate and have members participate in using equipment and exploring their kink interest in a group environment. 

The Mistress does NOT:

- Consider illegal activities such as: sexual interactions (vaginal, oral and anal penetration)


-Medical Play


-Dating outside of a role-play scene



-Adult Day Care



-Femdom Activities 

-Branding of the skin 

The sessions will always be safe, sane and consensual (contract based). 

The Mistress asks that you're well groomed before each session.

The Mistress is certfied in CPR/First-Aid.