Mistress Nubia is an absolutely incredible experience that every person needs to experience. She is the perfect combination of sensual and dominate. Her professionalism is second to none and she creates an incredibly relaxing environment. I haven't stopped thinking about my experience with her since and I will definitely continue to schedule appointments with her. I look forward to growing as a submissive/slave and expand my limits. I would love to be able to take her bullwhip someday.

-Slave Enchantment

It is likely you are on the site for the first time or, at least, are here the first time a review has been posted. I wanted to write this review for my Mistress and I am both honored and excited about this opportunity. Mistress uses this site to introduce Her Dominant Persona to All interested parties. She has posted several pictures of herself and only herself, and I will note for the record that her pictures Do Not do her justice. Yes, these are pictures of an exotic and beautiful woman, even more so when you're in her company.

Her Tribute request are less than one would expect. She truly enjoys the gifts she has listed in her "Appreciation" section. Of course when she is happy, I have realized during my sessions with her that it's an amazing experience!

Know to respect the Mistress in and out of sessions. I want to say she is the last of the classic Dominatrix. Her technique can be explained by me (a masochist) as, she builds up Your pain level slowly and seductive and then keeps it at just a point where it is the closet to erotic pleasure. She holds you there and then backs you down. She is interested in what turns her subs/slaves on the most and can make You almost "zone" if you haven't before. She caters to all kinds of Fetishes. 

Therefore, I will continue to have sessions with the Mistress to continue pushing my limits, and I will continue to randomly send her surprise gifts in the mail to feel her smile and to remind her of how devoted I am to her.

-Slave Scholar

I just finished my first professional experience with a Domme and that shit was Everything! I wasn't expecting some of the things and I felt so relaxed but I also felt an heighten sense of All my senses. I felt my body in tuned with my mind. I felt balanced enough to freak on someone. Mistress took care of me. It's like she knew exactly what I needed. I experienced her pirate whip, braided whip, Bongers and electrical play during the session. Most importantly, I felt safe. Most interesting enough is, I was aroused in areas as a female that I could not have known we're possible. My stings lasted for days which made me even more aroused in private and public places!

My advice to women...Expand!

Female Submissive "Stars"

Mistress Nubia is certainly down to earth, no smoke and mirrors.

 She is personal and dedicated in fully trying to understand the needs of her various subs. Her prices are the most reasonable I've seen, therefore you may schedule with her more often. She will recommend that you bring the toys you are comfortable with to in cooperate in Your sessions, however, she will then imvest in purchasing similar toys to use in all Your remaining visits. She thrives from learning from her new/novice and regular subs. As with any other Dominatrix she encourages her subs to communicate their needs and how to push their limits and improve their stamina in upcoming sessions. I am a crossdressing man who doesn't enjoy any type of pain. I enjoy extreme role-playing and my gosh, Mistress Nubia unlike many has fully respected this sometimes difficult fetish. Surprisingly to say, I have always left her play area 'The Office" 

feeling full filled.

-Cross Dresser Persona "Carmen"

Classy, beautiful, Professional lady who knows her talent and business. My best friend and I sought out Mistress Nubia on Openadultdirectory.com in order to book her for a group Halloween Party which we host every year. Needless to say, Mistress Nubia in a crowd of over 18 people brought out the freak and submission in Everyone! I would most definitely recommend her for any/all of Your group kink/ Dominatrix needs! 

Female Kinkster " Dracula"