Your Mistress appreciates kindly when you think of her outside of Your personal sessions. Spoil her...climb to the top of her list. Competition is always healthy. The Mistress offers light refreshments to maintain your stamina during your sessions.

Gifts that the Mistress appreciates the most, which can be brought to Your sessions are:

-Fresh flowers

-Eyelashes (all types)

-Wines (all flavors and brands)

-Unique wine glasses

-Jewelry (classy)


-Resturant certificates 

-Car cleaning certificates

-International breads & cheeses


-Classy perfume

-Relaxtion type CDs

-Home Air Freshners (any type)

-Candles (any type)

-Lush bath bombs

-Kink/Erotic Art


-Victorian stationary/fine point pens

-Legal pads (I am a novel writer in passion)

-Coffee/Teas (Non-American)

-Body scrubs/body oils

Amazon Gift Cards

Red nail polishes

Thigh Highs(blk/wht) Medium


Coconut Water

King size pillows/reading pillows

Different cultures food seasonings